Evansdale Cheese

Blacks Road is proud to stock Evansdale Cheese – one of those last few Artisan Cheese Producers in New Zealand.

Mass produced cheeses lack the charm, delicacy and appeal of a handmade cheese. Interest in cutting costs, shelf life, and uniformity of flavour are the very opposite of fine cheeses made in small quantities by artisan producers.Artisan producers, such as Evansdale Cheese, who now make the best cheeses, do as little as possible to interfere with nature and are more interested in preserving the flavour of the elements within the milk, in order to produce a cheese of character. Evansdale Cheese recognises that cheeses thrive on care and consideration, and artisan cheese makers look after and mature their cheeses so that you can enjoy them at their best.

All Evansdale cheeses are made naturally free of preservatives and calf rennet. We now sell and produce 20-30 different varieties of cheese, sold throughout New Zealand, to supermarkets, boutique eateries, and restaurants and our other precious customers.
A 100% New Zealand owned business, still owned by the Dennison family.


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