Blacks Road Preserves​

Blacks Road Pear Prune Preserve



(hand made in-store by us)

We use only fruit, vegetables and natural preservatives of sugar and  vinegar.

No artificial preservatives or flavouring agents are allowed into the kitchen!

Wherever possible we source our produce locally (apart from citrus).

Small batch production ensures products with that real “homemade”



 -Pear & Chocolate Jam

 -Pear & Ginger Jam

 -Old Fashioned English Marmalade

 -Tomato Chilli Jam

 -Tomato Relish

 -Pear & Prune Chutney

 -Chilli Orange Marmalade

 -Plum & Banana Jam

 -Quince Jelly

 -Onion Marmalade

 -Roasted Jalapeno Chilli Sauce

 -Kiwifruit Gold & Orange Marmalade

 -Lemon Marmalade

 -Lime Marmalade

 -Beetroot Relish

 -Crabapple Jelly

 -Black Currant Jam

 -Elderflower Cordial









Blacks Road Pear & Chocolate Jam
Blacks Road Quince Jelly
Blacks Road Roasted Jalapeno Chilli Sauce
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